Terms & Conditions


  • The following words shall have the meanings set out below:
  • The business of providing event, forming, marketing and managing a Racing Club as
    carried on by the company under the trading name Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club.
    Company Name and address
  • Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club, Jackdaws Castle, Temple Guiting, Cheltenham, GL54 5XU.
    Directors & Racing Manager
  • The Directors of the Racing Club are Richard Evans and Jonjo O’Neill. The Directors
    have appointed Roger Hart to the role of Racing Club manager. The Directors and
    Racing Club Manager will be solely responsible for liaising with the BHA and
    Weatherbys in respect of the horses leased to the Racing Club.
  • Jonjo O’Neill will be solely responsible for all matters relating to the training, entries
    and running of the horses leased to the Racing Club.
    General terms and conditions
  • The initial membership commences on 9th December 2020 and ends on 8th December
  • The membership fee for one share in the Racing Club will be £99. The Racing Club
    will be responsible for all costs associated with the training of the horse(s) leased to
    the Racing Club.
  • A minimum of one Horse will be leased to the Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club during the
    membership period.
  • By becoming a member of the Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club you consent to receive emails and updates.
    Membership Benefits
  • A Membership Certificate.
  • Entry into a ballot for complimentary racecourse badge whenever a Club Horse runs.
    Availability of complimentary badges is subject to the conditions of the individual racecourse.
  • Entry into a ballot for places to attend Jackdaws Castle throughout the membership
    period for a morning on the gallops to view the horses, a guided tour of Jackdaws
    Castle and refreshments in our guest suite.
  • Each Member will receive a share of the net prize money won by the Club Horses
    leased to the Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club during the membership period.
  • A dedicated website with a restricted members only section to receive regular updates on the Racing Club Horse(s) to include videos from the gallops, video messages and updates from trainer Jonjo O’Neill and stable staff, running plans for the Racing Club Horse(s) to include entries, declarations, Pre and post-race reports along with the service of a dedicated Racing Club Manager.

  • Priority access to renew your Membership at the end of the membership period.
  • There will be maximum of 2000 Members. The Directors reserve the right to close
    entry to the membership of the Racing Club at any time.
    Intellectual property
  • All industrial and intellectual property rights now or subsequently owned by or
    licensed to the company (including without limitations) and Jonjo O’Neill Racing
    Club, domain names, patents, trademarks and service marks (whether registered or
    unregistered). Registered designs, unregistered designs and copyrights (and any
    applications for any of the same) which are used in connection with the business and
    all confidential information so owned and used.
  • Jonjo O’Neill Racing club are a Racing club formed in accordance with the Rules of
    Racing of Great Britain.
  • Membership of the Racing Club entitles the Member to have an interest in the
    activities of the Club and does not comprise racehorse ownership. Membership of
    the Racing Club should be viewed as entertainment and is not an investment
  • In the event that a Racing Club Horse is injured then the Trainer and the Racing Club
    Manager will endeavour to find a replacement as quickly as possible to meet the
    obligation to have a minimum of 1 horse leased to the Racing Club during the
    membership period.
  • For the purpose of the rules of racing and in accordance with those rules the horse(s)
    will race in the name of Jonjo O’Neill Racing Club. The Racing Club colours are Red
    Sleeves & Cap, McIntyre Tartan Body.
  • The Racing Club Manager will keep the members informed as to the progress of the
    Racing Club horse(s) and the races for which it/they will be entered. The manager
    will communicate regularly to the Members any decisions made in relation to the
  • Each share is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be sold for profit.
  • The Directors will meet each year on 1st November.
  • The Directors reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.